In the Dominican way of living, already 800 years, many books, studies, researches, etc. have been touching on, and searching for the best way to live in communion as Brothers and Sisters. So, today, are there any new things to talk about the Religious Life? The answer is YES. The Dominican Brothers of the Holy Rosary Province are making something new during these days.
Due to the breaking-time of the classes in Seminaries, the Brothers who are studying in the Holy Spirit Seminary of Hong Kong Diocese and the Brothers who are studying in Saint Joseph Seminary (USJ) – Macau gather together at Saint Dominic Priory – Macau to have “Formation Classes.” During this time we have chances to learn, to share, to experience with other Brothers about our life regarding to The Way we are following.
The classes become so rich – new – excited when all of us “dare” to share, to question each other openly-fraternally on “how to live a true fraternal life?” even up to the questions in which we thought that we may never have a chance to speak it out. But we did it and we will continue doing and sharing it until the end of this week. In this way we are “renewing” our relationship with each other.
To have this chance of being together joyfully and fruitfully, we are grateful and thankful to the Fathers of the Formation Council who have given us this opportunity. And also many thanks to the patience, professional guidance of our Prior, Fr. Jose Luis De Miguel Fernandez throughout the course.
We pray to the Good Lord through the intercession of our Holy Father Saint Dominic, may He bless us and guide us on our journey To Praise – To Bless – To Preach.

Macau January 6, 2016
Bro. Joseph Tran Van Huong OP
Ps. Here below we want to share with you some pictures of our classes and activities during the course.

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