The Order of Preachers (from the Latin: Ordo Praedicatorum or OP), also known as the Dominican Order and its members as Dominicans, is a mendicant order of the Catholic Church founded by Dominic de Guzman in the city of Toulouse, France, during the Albigensian Crusade, and confirmed by Pope Honorius III on December 22, 1216.

It was a radical novelty, a break with the monastic tradition of the Church: they went beyond the conventual walls. The new “preaching friars” emerged to preach, to spread the word of their God. From the beginning they were sent to various countries, classes, and peoples, to believers and unbelievers, especially those who suffered from poverty, so deeply rooted at that time.

Preaching is part of Dominican Spirituality which is the way how Dominicans live out their lives. As it is written in the constitutions of the ordination of the Order, mentioned that four pillars of Dominican’s  life consider a common Spirituality:

These are Preaching, Study, Prayer, and common life.

Friars are inspired by their founder Dominic who always said to be either talking to God or talk about God.

Constitution (LCO no. 108 I) says that the mission of the Friars Preachers is to serve Church by preaching the name of Jesus Christ to nations.   The mission preaching is sharing the prophetic office of the Bishops, likewise, preachers must accept the entire message of the gospel, and cultivate the living mystery of salvation as it is explained in the church ( LCO 99  I ). So in all things, brothers should have one mind with the church ( LCO 80 ).

Dominican Preaching Archive

Preaching is at the heart of the Dominican vocation. The Dominican Leadership Conference claims for all members of the Dominican Family the right to preach, and commits itself to the struggle this claim entails. The injustices of our day compel us to place the charism of preaching at the service of the poor and powerless. The Dominican prophetic message, rooted in experience, study and prayer, will move both preachers and hearers of the word to act for the transformation of oppressive structures. The Conference on its part will act corporately, confronting evil with the Gospel and working for the construction of a just world order.

We embrace the mission of preaching for justice with a commitment to act in collaboration with one another and all those with and among whom we minister

——Dominican Leadership Conference