Servus servorum Dei ( The servant of the servant of God)

Saint Gregory the Great was born in Rome, in the year 540. He became mayor of his city; he was detached from his own interests and had a constant renunciation of himself. St. Gregory even sold everything he had to help the poor and the Church.

Saint Benedict strongly influenced Gregori’s life. For this reason, he helped to build many monasteries, also joining the religious life of “Ora et Labora”.

Gregory was someone with a sense of duty and balance. He had an intense interior life and wrote about the pastor’s ideal. In it, the saint affirms that the true shepherd of souls is pure in his thought. He knows how to approach everyone with true charity. He rises above all by contemplating God.

 With the death of the pope, St. Gregory was chosen to succeed him in 590, in the transition from the Roman to the medieval world. St. Gregory the Great Pope and doctor of the Church died at the age of 65. One of its main marks is in the Liturgy, with the Gregorian chant. The epistolary and the homilies demonstrate involvement in various activities. Familiarity with the Word of God is evident in the explanations about Ezekiel and the Gospel.

Saint Gregory was a man truly an example for us  Dominican as a preacher of the Word of God, and to bring the light of Christ to the People and to the world. Our lives combine both contemplative and active, that’s what makes our lives very unique and more fruitful because we are called the order of preachers our preaching must empower by the Holy Spirit,  our motto says; preach what we contemplate, and contemplate what we preach.

Dominican motto is contemplare et contemplata  aliis tradere.

St. Gregory the Great, pray for us!


St. Gregory the Great intercedes that we may always be shepherded by the Holy Spirit and the word of God so that in Jesus all our thoughts, intentions, and actions begin and end.

St. Gregory the Great was a good shepherd, guided by the Holy Spirit, to lead the Church in difficult times that needed discernment and right decisions. He was a great contemplative, bringing beautiful reflections that taught the way of love to the people of God.

Bro. Cesar OP.