The Priory celebrated the Feast of Our Lady, Queen of China on the first day of the Chinese Lunar Year, this year of 2014 the Year of the Horse. Our brother Fr. Edmond presided the concelebrated Mass of the community and gave us a beautiful homily. Hereafter, Fr. Edmond’s summary.

 This feast commemorates events which took place in April 1900. During the Boxer rebellion, a great number of soldiers attacked the village of Donglu, Hebei. The village consisted of a small community of Christians founded by the Vincentian Fathers.

The Virgin Mary appeared in white, and a fiery horseman (believed to be St Michael) chased away the soldiers.
The pastor, Fr Wu, commissioned a painting of Mary with Christ child dressed in golden imperial robes. This painting became the image of Our Lady, Queen of China.

Donglu became a place of pilgrimage in 1924. The image was blessed and promulgated by Pope Pius XI in 1928.

Happy feast day,


St. Dominic’s Priory