Faculty Day of Religious Studies – University of St. Joseph, Macau
On the 3rd of December 2015, the Feast day of St. Francis Xavier, the University of St. Joseph, Macau, Faculty of Religious studies (FRS), celebrated its faculty day. The act was opened with the Eucharistic celebration, presided by Fr. Franz Gassner, SVD, and took place at St. Joseph’s Seminary Chapel at 9:30am. Some guests, professors and students from the Faculty of Religious Studies attended the Mass.

Mass (1)   Mass (2)

A talk followed at 11:00am, given by a Sister, RC, under the title “Called to be Ambassadors of Mercy”. There was an entertaining and formative dialogue between her and the audience after the talk, and then all participants had lunch together, prepared by the students. Afterwards we all spent some time in an animated recreation.

talk lunch (2)
After lunch and recreation there was a second part of the program, activities and performances, at 1:30pm. Students from different academic years took part joyfully by singing and dancing.

games (1)    games (3)   games (2)  perform

Some games were also played during the activity, and awards were given to those who had performed well and won the first prize in games. The students also distributed souvenirs to the guests and professors in recognition for their presence and support. The joyous celebration was closed at 03:00 pm.
Bro. Stephen Saw Lej, O.P.