Mrs. MARY ISABEL CHOW was dearly beloved and much appreciated by the Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican Community of Kowloon Tong. She was a good friend and a loyal supporter of our chapel where she worshipped over the course of many decades.

As her home is only a short walking distance from us, she would usually be among the first arrivals for morning devotions. Every day she joined the community for the Rosary, the Morning Prayer of the Church and Holy Mass. She took an active part in the liturgy, especially as reader, and joined in the singing with enthusiasm as she had a beautiful voice and loved to sing.

If the occasion arose she would attend the liturgy later in the day and she was most assiduous on special occasions such as the ceremonies of Holy Week.

Mary was a firm believer in the efficacy of prayer and she loved to spend long periods in private devotion before the Blessed Sacrament after the liturgy had ended.

Her love of God found practical expression in her concern for others as shown by her involvement with the Catholic Women’s League and Caritas. She was a generous benefactor of our Dominican Community and often we enjoyed the cakes, pies and other treats that she loved to provide on feast days, birthdays and other special times.

Since our community hosted the Novitiate and later became a Postulancy house, Mary took a keen interest in the welfare of the young men preparing to enter the Order and she frequently showed a motherly concern for them. If she spotted someone coughing or limping she would soon return with medicine or some other comfort. Many young Dominicans remember her with real affection.

Mary loved our oratory and over the course of many years she provided flowers and anything else that was needed.

She had a warm devotion to Jesus Christ and his Mother and she did much to propagate her faith which she studied with care and never ceased to deepen by her reading and prayer. She had a particular attachment to the Divine Mercy and made every effort to spread this devotion.

Shortly before her death, Mary addressed, after Mass, the little congregation in our chapel, most of whom if not all, knew and loved her. She told us that her illness was very advanced and was in fact terminal. She asked for our prayers and everyone was deeply impressed by her courage and calm strength.

To the end, by work and example, she bore witness to the faith that sustained her throughout her life.

We remember Mary with fondness and will miss her bright smile and loving heart.

May she rest in peace!

On behalf of the Fathers and Brothers of the Dominican Community of Kowloon Tong.

Fr. Javier González, OP


Hong Kong, 24 May 2017