A yearly recurrent ephemerides at this community of St Dominic’s Priory in Macau is the religious profession renewal of some of the student brothers. This year the event took place on 21 June. On that day, seventeen brothers, wearing their black and white Dominican habit, renewed their promise of obedience to God, to Blessed Mary, to Blessed Dominic and, through the local superior, to Fr Gerard Francisco Timoner, the current Master of the Order of Preachers. They likewise pledged fidelity “to go to the foreign Mission whereever assigned by their superiors” as it is customary in the Province of Our Lady of the Rosary. It was one step forward for them towards their solemn profession.

By circumstance, this year the 17 brothers found themselves in different countries on that very day of 21 June: Bro. Innocent Han-Zaw-Htun was in Yangon; Bro. Reynaldo Chang, in Hong Kong, Bro. Benedito de Jesus, Cesar Lino de Sousa, Agostinho Mendonça, Andre Pereira, Joao Baptista Pereira, Gaspar de Jesus, Agostinho Maia dos Santos, Natalino da Costa, in Timor Leste; Bro. Mark Noh Seung, in Korea; and the rest, Bro. Gabriel Khun Ri, Luigi Yu Reh, Aloysius Thurein-Htun, Francisco Zin Ko Lin, Francis Kim Eung Woo and Joseph Hung Naing Ling remained in Macau. In this way, the joyful event was witnessed by a larger number of brothers, some of them young aspirants and novices, in the Missions of the Province. As seen in the pictures they shared with us after the event, their faces reflected joy.

In Macau, at St Dominic’s Priory, the ceremony of the renewal took place in the evening of that day during the Vespers and the conventual Mass, presided over by the Prior of the community, Fr Javier Gonzales, and concelebrated by Frs. Fausto, Edmond Eh, Paul Fan and Lawrence Reh, and participated by the rest of the student brothers. The celebration ended with the singing of the Salve Regina and the O Spem Miram to our Father Dominic.

Our warmest congratulations to all the brothers for this act of generosity towards God. Congratulations also to our Korean Brother Mannes John Kim Su-Myeong, a former student in Macau, who on this same date made his solemn profession in his home country, South Korea. Our prayers for all of them, with the wish that the Lord who started this good work may take it to fulfillment.