The “Faculty Day” is an annual commemorative event held by the Faculty of Religious Studies of Saint Joseph University, in Macau. It takes place normally around the feast of St Francis Xavier in the first week of December, and it usually brings together all the members of the Faculty – i.e. professors, students, staff, alumni and friends – to join in a whole day program of activities. This year, in 2018, the event took place on the 4th of December at Saint Joseph’s Seminary campus.

With the advanced invitation, the Rector of the University, some other Deans and professors from the different faculties, officers of the University and Superiors of religious Congregations were also present. The program began at 10:00 am with a “morning coffee” and friendly conversation among the participants. It was followed by a Lecture delivered by Reverend Dr. Stephen Morgan, the new Dean of the Faculty. In his lecture, entitled “The Word was made flesh”, the Dean zeroed in mostly on the Mystery of the Incarnation of Jesus Christ.

Right after the lecture, the participants proceeded to Saint Joseph’s Church for the Eucharistic celebration. Some professors and guest priests concelebrated with the Bishop, who was also assisted by the newly ordained Deacons Ignatius Ngo and Francis Nge Nge. In his homily, Bishop Stephen Lee emphasized the importance of prayer for the sake of enhancing a better relationship with God. Furthermore, he also encouraged the students to study seriously with the assistance of the Holy Spirit, the source of all understanding. After the homily, Reverend Dr. Stephen Morgan made his profession of faith and oath of fidelity in the presence of the bishop and of the faithful, as he took the office of Dean of the Faculty of Religious Study of the University of Saint Joseph.

Once the Mass was ended, the participants gathered together again in the seminary hall for the partaking of lunch, by now readily set on the table. Since it was also the birthdays of the Rector of the University, Fr. Peter Stilwell, and of our Dominican brother Fr. Fausto Gomez, we all shared a birthday cake jointly cut by both of them after blowing the customary candles and the singing of “Happy Birthday” by all those present. The lunch, graced by the bishop, was a great moment in which we continued sharing from the Eucharistic table of the Lord to the daily material food received from His Providence, which keeps us united in brotherhood. In our prayer, we expressed our gratitude to God and remembered those who had prepared the meal for us.

In the afternoon, the program continued with outdoor activities organized by the students of the Faculty consisting of games and soccer competitions. We all took part in them with enthusiasm and indeed, it was very enjoyable. The whole activity was great for the interaction between the professors and students and among the students themselves, for all worked together in groups competing to achieve one goal: to win.

The Faculty Day closed with the awarding of prizes to the winners and lots of picture taking.

By, Stephen Lej Kapaw and Andre Pereira