The community of Saint Dominic’s Priory in Macau organized the celebration of the Feast of Saint Thomas Aquinas this year on 28 January 2015. The event took place at Saint Paul’s School at 10:00am. A lecture was delivered by Fr. Franz Gassner, SVD, Coordinator for Theology for the Faculty of Religious Studies at the University of Saint Joseph. The topic was on the Ethics of Consumption: Just Consumer? Aristotle and Thomas Aquinas on Virtues for Sustainable Lifestyles. After the lecture, a Mass in honour of Saint Thomas was held in the school chapel. It was presided by D. José Lai, Bishop of Macau. This year the homily was delivered by Fr. Peter Stilwell, Rector of the University of Saint Joseph. After the Mass, the lunch was held in the newly renovated Clementina Ho school hall.
Fr. Edmond Eh Kim Chew, O.P