who are we?

We are Dominican Friars From the Our Lady of the Rosary province. our mission in Macau started earlier in 1996 and on 7 October 2008 elevated with the Saint Dominic’s Priory of Macau as a center of Institutional Studies, for the students’ Brothers who have already professed, and begin their Religious studies and  philosophy.

Currently the number of vocation increases, in our Province many young people from Asia seeking to join the Order specially and in Our Lady of the rosary province, numbers of students Brothers are From Myanmar and East Timor, Include South Korea Japan and Venezuela, etc.


Dominican known as Order of preachers, sisnce the begining of the Order founded for the Preaching and teaching for the salvation of souls,  Saint Dominic has a clear vision that preaching is necessary for those who have the responsibility to carry out the mission of Christ Jesus Our Saviour. Therefore our mission is only to carry out the word of God for those who have not heard and those who have heard, continue to strenthen their faith through the preaching and teaching according to the charism of the Order.

Prayer life 

Prayer life is one of the pillars in the Dominican Order, to keep our close relationship with the Lord. Everything that we preach and teach must come from our prayer and contemplation with the Master. so our prayer makes us understand and help us to preach the truth of the word of God “contemplari et contemplata aliis tradere” means that to hand down to others the fruits of contemplation.


As a Religious order, we live in a community. community as a shape of our being together as a member of one family in the Dominican Order. We come together we share everything in common in one mind and one heart according to the rule of Saint Augustine that has had adopted into Order. Community is the beauty of our togetherness, everything that we do, do it on behalf of the community.


The study is the center of Preaching, since the Dominican as the Order of Preacher, study one of the most essential elements in the charism of the Order for preaching. Preach what we have studied and studied what we preach, that is the truth of the word of God.

Community members

In Macau so far we only have one community which is Saint Dominic’s priory, because it is a center of formation the brothers who are assign there most of them who have already made their simple profession, into the Religious Life.  

Although some of the Friars also assign there, they do also involve in missions such as teaching and preaching, in fact, we also run the  Saint Paul School, it belongs to the Diocese of Macau, but The Diocese entrusted to Dominican Bothers to administrate the School for many years already since our mission in Macau started.

Interestingly the member of the Community are coming from different countries in Asia include South America and Europe such as  Spain, the Philippines, Myanmar, South Korea, Japan, and Timor-Leste. But the number of the student Brothers majority are from South East Asia, like Myanmar and East Timor 



Simple Profess

Saint Dominic’s Priory Macau

Prior, to Saint Dominic’s Priory and assistant of the syndic of the Province; at the same time student in Saint Joseph University. And doing pastoral work and teaching at Saint Paul Scholl.

Fr. Paul Fan Ya Cheng OP.

Prior , of Saint Dominic's priory

Sub prior and Master of Students, counselor of the Province, and moderator of the center of the institutional studies. Professor of Saint Joseph University (USJ); responsible for the liturgy, and member of the tribunal Diocese of Macau.

Fr. Javier Gonzalez Izquierdo OP.

Master of Students , And Sub Prior of Saint Dominic's Priory

Syndic and socio student Master and counsellor Justice and peace, And Sacristan and doing Pastoral minister in Saint Paul School. Now he also studying for a Doctorate at Saint Joseph University of Macau

FR. Lawrence The Reh OP.

Syndic, Assistant Master Of students