(This article is taken from the web-page of the Order of Preachers: http://www.op.org/en)

The Master of the Order Father Bruno Cadoré, and his Socius for Asia-Pacific Fr. Gerald Francis Timoner, visited the friars of Our Lady of the Rosary Province that that are working in the missions of Myanmar, Timor Leste, Singapore, Hong Kong and Macau during the period of 27 March to 7 April 2017.

They started the visit in Myanmar and they visited the brothers that are working in the areas of Loikaw, Mandalay and Yangon. They appreciated the new developments done during the last four years with the building of the new church in the parish of St. Gemma Galgani in Yangon and the new chapel and churches in the house of St. Thomas Aquinas in Nawalawo Village   in Loikaw, Kayah State. In Mandalay they visited the social centre and educational supplementary centre of St. Martin de Porres where special supplementary education is given to about 150 high school children. The last stage was the House of St. Dominic of Yangon where they talked with the pre-novices and in the company of the three Fathers visited the parish of St. Gemma Galgani.

From Yangon they flight to Dili, Timor Leste. They travelled by car to Hatudo to visit the mission, the church and the schools of the mission. They returned to Dili and had a meeting with the Fathers, with the aspirants and with the Dominican Family working in Timor Leste.

And from Dili they flight to Hong Kong with stopover in Singapore where they visited the two Fathers working in the House of St. Francis Capillas. They took a late flight for Hong Kong that landed in Hong Kong’s airport at midnight and they arrived at St. Albert’ Priory in the early hours of 5 April. They joined the community in the morning prayers and mass and after breakfast, Father Bruno Cadoré started talking with different groups of brothers in formation. Master Bruno Cadoré held talks with the Chinese student brothers, with the Chinese priests and deacons and with all the Chinese priests working in the mission of China. After lunch, Master Bruno Cadoré held a meeting with the group of novices.

At 5:00 pm Fr. Bruno Cadoré and Fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner left for Macau to conduct de second canonical visitation to the Studentate. Fr. Provincial accompanied them arriving in the evening to have dinner with the community and they held a group meeting with the student brothers. On the morning of April 6, Fr. Bruno presided and preached at the Conventual Mass. They left for Hong Kong after having breakfast with the community.

Back in Hong Kong and after lunch at St. Albert Priory, Fr. Bruno and Fr. Gerard Francisco Timoner held a fruitful meeting with the Formation Council of the Province.  Later on in the late afternoon, they went to the Provincial House of St. Joseph in Kowloon to meet the postulants and have dinner with the community. They came back to St. Albert Priory and in the morning of 7 April, Fr. Bruno presided and preached at the Conventual Mass. After the mass there was time to have a historical photo with all the members of the community of St. Albert.

After breakfast, Fr. Bruno met first Fr. Provincial. Afterwards Fr. Bruno and Fr. Gerald held a working meeting with the Provincial Council and the representatives of the missions of the Province in Hong Kong and Macau, Manila, Taiwan and Japan. After the meeting it was time for lunch and friendly sharing with the community. In the midafternoon Fr. Bruno and Fr. Gerard left for the airport and took the plane back to Rome.

(3 May 2017)