Saturday 16th, Saturday 23th and Sunday 24th of this month of July were the graduation days of for the Saint Paul School Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary students respectively. Representatives from the Macau Dioceses, the Macau Government and the Education Department Bureau, proud parents, families and friends converged at the Saint Paul School Clementina Leitao Hall to celebrate this milestone in the students’ lives.


Secondary 2015-2016 Graduating Class

Following the parade of graduates, a prayer at the different ceremonies offered by the Deputy Principal, Fr. Athanasius Chan, OP, the Bishop of Macau D. Stephen Lee and Sister Camino, OP and the singing of the National Anthem marked the official commencement of the ceremonies.

Among the many guests attending the ceremony were Ms. Vicky Leong, representative from the Education Bureau present at the Kindergarten Graduation ceremony, Bishop Stephen Lee, and the Representative from the Education Bureau, Mr. Wong as the guest of honor at the Primary Graduation Ceremony, and the Director of the Education Bureau, Ms. Leong Lai as the main speaker at the Secondary Graduation ceremony. The speakers congratulated the Principal and the Academic Committee of the School on their innovative ideas, and praised the teacher for having the courage to be pioneers in the implementation of new educational programs. Likewise, teachers were praised for their hard work and personal sacrifices in cultivating and enlightening the leaders of tomorrow’s society. Similarly, the three speakers praised the Home-School relationship and the two ways cooperation. In her speech, Director Leong Lai, put the Saint Paul School as an example for other schools in Macau to follow. Ms. Vicky Leong on behalf of the Education Bureau made special mention, of the innovative programs implemented in the school and encouraged the School to continue bringing new innovative ideas into the educational system of Macau. Bishop Stephen Lee, likewise, thanked the school for their work of excellence. He also thanked the teachers and staff for all their innovative ideas and the rich catholic tradition and reminded them that education is the most powerful weapon, which we can use to change the world.


Students proudly showing their certificates

Certificates and prizes were presented to the students of the school. After the valedictory address, student from different section together with their parents gave the Vote of Thanks addresses, and tokens of appreciation were presented to the teachers and to all the guests who attended the different ceremonies.


Student with their certificates for their honorific actions

The School Principal thanked all the guest parents and teachers and joined the three speakers in congratulating the 748 graduating students for their tirelessly work to complete their Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary education and wishes them the best in their future endeavors as they prepare to tackle the next years of school and beyond.


Performance of Cannon in D

The ceremonies came to an end with the usually high quality entertainment, which included the Canon in D from Pachelbel, a Song of Peace from Teresa Jennings and some fashion catwalk.